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you can try diffrent pattern according color and style of your house or office.

Most people associate the checkered pattern only with traditional English cottage interiors. Of course such places have their irresistible charm, although those who are saying that these are the only interiors where this pattern belongs could not be more wrong. Contemporary interior designers do their best to show how wonderful checkered pattern can be in home accents and decor – read the article and pick some interior decorating ideas.

Checkered pattern can fit in both traditional and modern interior design styles – it is up to you how you choose to use it. You can find it on numerous furniture pieces, on fabrics or even porcelain. Check those interior decorating ideas and get inspired to use some more pattern at your own place.

A modern approach towards tradition – the classical red-and-white checkered pattern appears here in various sizes and matches the striped curtains of the same shade of crimson. The textiles are very traditional, yet the panelled wall is painted in a modern, industrial shade of grey. Also, apart from the upholstered furniture, the furnishing is kept in rather simple form and neutral colors. As another traditional accent – there is a persian rug.

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