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Gold deep life

Excessive use of a golden shade in the decoration threatens to turn the premises into a house of bad taste. It is important to understand what the capricious golden color in the interior is combined with, and which decorations should be discarded. Elegant frames, a thick curtain or a light curtain with an unobtrusive golden print, exquisite tablecloths, and other textiles can diversify the decoration and give the room a kind of “zest”.

For a living room decorated in black and white, golden high flower vases, which can be combined with a window curtain and decorative pillows for upholstered furniture, selected in a similar color, will be an ideal accessory.

The paintings in golden frames are another way to complement the decoration. Such accessory plays a special role in retro interiors, the main emphasis of which is aimed at emphasizing vintage and antique objects. Gold deep life with a black background will give a shine to your wall. It is giving classic style to your home.

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